If you are considering buying and installing a wood burning/multi-fuel stove you should be aware that it is a requirement to have it fitted by a HETAS registered installer or have the installation inspected and approved by the Local Authority Building Control.  When wood and fossil fuels burn they release carbon monoxide gas which is odourless, colourless and potentially lethal. Incorrectly installed stove and chimney systems are a major hazard, as its imperative the exhaust gases must be safely expelled from the property.

A carbon monoxide detector is a requirement with all wood/multi-fuel stoves. We fit one with each of our installations. Chimneys must be swept annually as a minimum, a build-up of soot residue can cause a chimney fire. If a liner is fitted then failure to regularly sweep the chimney can considerably decrease the liner’s longevity and invalidate the product’s warranty.

For more information on stove safety, take a look at these web pages links below.